Can You Turn A Chromebook Into A Gaming Laptop

Initial Overview of Chromebooks

Chromebooks might seem like anything but a good gaming machine, but as laptop technology improves, many are asking, can you turn a Chromebook into a gaming laptop? Deciding on a laptop always starts with the needs of the user and there are a few important points to consider if you’re thinking of converting your Chromebook into a gaming laptop.
A Chromebook is a laptop designed to be used without an operating system. It runs on the Chrome OS, an operating system developed by Google, and has in-built security and improved performance. Chromebooks, typically, contain powerful hardware components, such as a quad-core CPU, 16GB RAM and a 5-hour battery life. This means they have the potential to be used for gaming, albeit with a few caveats.

Practical Issues to Consider

When evaluating whether you can turn a Chromebook into a gaming laptop, the hardware specifications are arguably more important than the operating system. Check the processor (CPU) and RAM, as well as the graphics card (GPU), to ensure it is powerful enough to handle game installations. The Chromebooks with Intel processors are the best option; however, the RAM needs to be taken into account, too, since the amount of RAM on a Chromebook is limited to 4GB. This is not ideal for running graphically-intensive games.
The next factor to consider is whether the Chromebook has enough storage to accommodate game installations. Most Chromebooks offer 64GB of hard drive space, which should be more than enough for basic gaming applications. So, if you’re looking to run newer and more powerful computer games, you may need to upgrade the internal storage or install an external hard drive with more capacity.

Operating System Limitations

Chrome OS is not designed for gaming purposes, so you need to look at alternative ways to run games on the platform. Despite not being designed for gaming, there are several options available.
One way to play computer games on a Chromebook is to use the Android app available in the Google Play Store. This allows you to download and install Android games on a Chromebook. Most Chrome OS devices come equipped with Google Play support and many popular game titles are available, including the wildly-popular Minecraft.
The second option is to use a gaming emulator, such as BlueStacks. An emulator is basically a virtual machine that allows you to run software that was originally designed for a different operating system. By using an emulator, you can play all of your favorite PC games on your Chromebook.

Achievements & Rewards

Making a Chromebook into a gaming laptop may not be easy, but it can be done with the right hardware and software choices. With the right storage, processor and RAM, the Chromebook can be transformed into an impressive gaming machine.
As rewards, you can expect to enjoy fewer distractions. Chromebooks offer a streamlined user experience and users can choose which apps to activate, reducing the likelihood of annoying notifications. What’s more, Chromebooks are renowned for having speedy operating systems, meaning fewer delays when loading your games.

Chromebook Peripherals

While a Chromebook’s hardware may not be ideal for playing graphically-intensive games, the platform can still be made suitable for gaming by connecting it to peripheral items, such as an external monitor, gaming mouse, gaming keyboard and gaming headset.
External monitors, such as those from Dell or Acer, can be connected to the Chromebook via an HDMI port. This allows gamers to enjoy a larger viewing experience and increased clarity. An external keyboard will also prove useful to help with gaming, allowing users to quickly and accurately type using a comfortable, full-sized layout.

Cost & Alternatives

A Chromebook provides a great alternative to a gaming laptop, which are notoriously expensive. While a gaming laptop may cost anywhere between $800-$2,500, a Chromebook can be bought for around $400.
At this price range, a Gaming Chromebook provides tremendous value for money. It has all the features of a budget gaming laptop, such as a good CPU and RAM, but also includes Chromebook-specific features such as excellent battery life, rock-solid security and efficient performance.

ChromeOS Customization & Optimization

Chrome OS can be tweaked to make it more suitable for gaming. It offers a range of configuration options, including setting up the Activity monitored and creating individual user profiles.
To optimize a Chromebook for gaming, users should check the available RAM and adjust the settings accordingly. Increasing the RAM can help speed up the device and allow it to run more memory-intensive games. Users should also consider increasing the storage capacity, to ensure games can be loaded onto the Chromebook without any issues.

Gaming Platforms

Once a Chromebook has been optimized for gaming, it’s time to explore some of the popular gaming platforms available. These include Steam, the online video game store, and, the classic video game store.
Steam is a popular option among gamers, offering an extensive library of more than 30,000 games, including popular titles like Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Fortnite. Meanwhile, is ideal for those looking for classic games from the 80s and 90s.

Software & Apps

Another way to turn a Chromebook into a gaming laptop is to install the appropriate software. Linux and Windows are popular software packages for gaming. Windows is more popular, offering more compatibility with PC games. On the other hand, Linux is free and open source, which makes it better for those on a budget.
Finally, there are a number of Android apps available in the Google Play Store. These apps allow you to play Android games on Chrome OS, and are a great way to get into gaming on a Chromebook. There are a few popular titles available, such as Candy Crush Saga and Subway Surfers.


A Chromebook’s hardware may not be designed for gaming, but with the right software and peripherals, it can be transformed into an impressive gaming laptop. Optimizing the RAM and storage, as well as installing the right software and apps, can help to increase the Chromebook’s performance and allow it to run the latest PC games.

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