How Much To Ship A Gaming Pc

Using a gaming PC for gaming activities can be an expensive affair for those who do not have a laptop or proper desktop at home. The most common means of shipping such a PC are friendly mail, air freight, and other domestic services. Friendly mail is more commonly used as it is the most cost-efficient and quickest way to ship a gaming PC.

The cost of friendly mail for shipping a gaming PC would depend on the weight of the PC. Generally, for weights up to 3 pounds, USD 30 would be the estimate. For PC’s weighing between 3 – 11 pounds, the cost would be around USD 45. For PC’s with a weight above 11 pounds, the cost could vary from USD 55 – 65.

Another option to ship a gaming PC is air freight. The cost of air freight depends on the distance to be traveled, dimensions of the package, and the weight of the PC. Generally, air freight can accommodate larger packages up to 150 pounds with a cost ranging from USD 100 – 110. For large, heavy packages, air freight is the most preferred option as friendly mail cannot, in most cases, cater to such weight.

Businesses and companies involved in the shipping of gaming PCs should also be aware of certain regulations that have been imposed by the International Air Transport Authority, who does not allow for items heavier than 150 pounds in any cargo plane, without prior permission. This restriction has been put in place for the safety of all passengers, cargo, and crew onboard a flight.

For domestic services, the cost of a gaming PC would depend on the distance to be traveled. If the local shipping radius is within 75 miles, the cost would generally range from USD 15 – 20 and can go up to USD 50 – 80 and above if it is beyond 75 miles. However, this cost is subject to any additional taxes or fees imposed within the country.

Overall, the cost of shipping a gaming PC would depend on a variety of factors such as weight, distance, the method of shipping chosen, and any additional taxes or fees. It is best to consider all factors before deciding to go ahead with the purchase.

Sea Freight versus Air Freight

When choosing between shipping options for a gaming PC, Sea Freight and Air Freight would be the common choices. The cost difference between these two would depend on the weight and dimensions of the package. For heavy packages, sea freight would be the most economical option and requires minimal paperwork. The time taken for the shipment to reach its destination would also be much more than that of air freight. On the other hand, air freight requires higher cost but is also much quicker, as it arrives at its destination within a couple of days.

When it comes to the handling of fragile items, air freight would be the ideal option, whereas, for heavier items, sea freight would be preferred. Sea freight also involves fewer stringent customs regulations due to the length of the shipment, whereas air freight packages may be subject to several customs regulations and controls.

Online Shipping Services

In today’s ever-advancing technological environment, numerous websites are available to aid with the shipping process. These services include websites such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL, which provide both domestic and international shipping options. With these services, one can compare different price estimates, delivery times, and other features, before making an informed decision on the best suitable service.

The awesome part about using these services is that it requires minimal paperwork, as the customer simply has to enter the details, such as weight, dimensions, and dispatch and delivery address, for the service to provide an estimate. Furthermore, these services also come with extensive tracking capabilities, allowing customers to track their items in real-time, from the moment of dispatch till it reaches its destination.

Comparing Quotes for Shipping

In order to get best value for money and the most suitable option when looking to ship a gaming PC, it is highly suggested to compare the quotes offered by major shipping companies. In order to do this, customers should collect detailed information regarding the gaming PC and its specific features, such as brand, weight, and dimensions. By receiving several quotes at the same time, the customer can compare the services, cost and delivery times and select the most effective means of shipping for their gaming PC.

Researching and comparing quotes would be the best way to secure the most cost and time effective mean of shipping for the gaming PC. This is highly suggested, specifically for international shipping, where different regulatory restrictions may apply.


The option to purchase insurance when shipping a gaming PC is recommended, especially if the PC’s value exceeds a certain amount or if the item is fragile. Such insurance may protect the customer from any damages or loss of their gaming PC, during and after the shipping process. It is wise to consider the insurance cover and costs when shipping such a PC, as there is always a higher risk of damage due to mishandling, especially when shipping the PC overseas.

Another option would be to opt-in for the insurance service provided by the shipping company itself, which is more convenient and safer. This provides additional security and peace of mind for the customers. Furthermore, it is also possible to purchase third party insurance for the shipping of the gaming PC, in case the shipping company does not provide insurance.

The Right Packaging

Choosing the best type of packaging for the gaming PC is equally important. By selecting the right packaging, customers may decrease the risk of damage and loss during the shipping process. Factors such as size, weight and fragility of the item should be considered when selecting the packaging.

For heavy items or those with fragile parts, a wooden or cardboard box would be the most suited as it is usually hardier than other materials. Packaging materials like bubble wraps can be added to ensure maximum security, where specialized foam-like liners should be used for large or fragile gaming PCs. Anti-static packaging can also help against short circuits or static damages.

Overall, customers should consider the cost, available services, type of packaging, and insurance cover before deciding to ship the gaming PC, as such items are usually high-value items and require appropriate care both during and after the shipping process.

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