How To Adjust Ares Gaming Keyboard

Do you have an Ares gaming keyboard and not sure how to adjust it? Good news! Setting up and fine-tuning your Ares gaming keyboard is a breeze. Here’s a detailed guide on how to adjust your Ares gaming keyboard and increase your gaming performance.

To start, you’ll need to make sure your keyboard is plugged into your computer. Plug the USB connector into a free USB port on your computer. Once plugged in, your keyboard will be recognized and ready to use.

Now, it’s time to customize how you want your keyboard to respond. The Ares gaming keyboard comes with customizable backlighting, macros, and other key bindings. You can use the keyboard manager software to adjust these settings.

In the keyboard manager software, you’ll be able to customize how your keys respond. You can set individual key binding which is great for toggle between different profiles quickly. You can also adjust the backlighting to match your gaming style. Finally, you can create macros that allow you to quickly cast spells, activate abilities, and more.

Once you’ve adjusted your keyboard settings you’ll want to make sure your wrist and hand are in their best positions. You can do this by adjusting the angle of the keyboard or the height of the wrist rest. If the keyboard is too low then your arms can start to fatigue faster, so it’s important to get this set up just right.

Also make sure that your mouse is at the right height. Too high and can make your wrist uncomfortable. Too low and you won’t be able to aim properly. You want the mouse to be at a comfortable height that supports your natural wrist and hand movements.

Finally, pay attention to the placement of your keyboard. Make sure the keyboard is placed in a spot that’s easily accessible and not in the way of your other equipment. You want to be able to reach the keyboard easily and not have to stretch.

Backlighting Options

The backlighting on the Ares gaming keyboard can be further customized, as well. You can choose between various colors and adjust the brightness to match your lighting in the room. This is great for making the keyboard look cool, but it’s also great for visibility. You can make sure you can see the keys in dark environments or brighten the keys for easy visibility in bright light.

The keyboard also has a static and wave option. The static option will keep the lighting on the same color and brightness. The wave option will alternate between two colors and slowly change in brightness. This can be adjusted from very slow and subtle to very quick and noticeable.

The backlighting options also come with two intensity modes: normal and turbo. The normal mode will keep the lighting at a moderate level. The turbo mode will increase the brightness significantly and really make the lighting stand out.

You can also set the keyboard to night mode. This will lower the brightness of the lighting to reduce eye strain and the amount of glare. Once night mode is activated the lighting will switch to a softer and more muted color palette.

Programming Macros

The next step is to program macros. Macros are useful for quickly activating abilities, casting spells, or even just typing out a message faster. To start, open the in-game software and navigate to the macro menu.

Now you can start programming your macro. You can bind individual keys to activate abilities or cast spells. You can also create long lines of commands that can be used to quickly activate many abilities and spells. You can even create macros that type out messages, which can be useful in MMOs.

Once you’ve decided how and what you want to program, you’ll want to test your macros. Macro testing can mean the difference between winning and losing, so it’s important to make sure your macros are working as expected. Activate each macro to ensure it functions properly. If it does, you can be confident in using it during actual gameplay.

You can also adjust the cooldown time on macros. This determines the amount of time between uses and becoming recharged. You can adjust the cooldown time depending on the ability you are programming and the time needed to recharge.

Finally, you can also adjust the length of your macro. Long macros can be more powerful but also more prone to errors. Short macros are faster and easier to use but not as powerful. You can also adjust macro delay time, which determines how quickly the macro activates each key press.

Key Bindings

You can also customize how your individual keys will respond with key bindings. With key bindings, you can set the keyboard to activate specific command when those keys are pressed. For example, you can quickly activate the inventory or character sheet by pressing the corresponding key on the keyboard.

You can also assign multi-function keys. These are keys that can perform multiple functions. For example, you can can assign a key that can open the inventory, but also open the map or activate another command with a longer press.

The other great benefit of key bindings is that you can quickly toggle between various game profiles. This can be useful if you play multiple games and need to quickly switch between settings. You can create different profiles for each game and switch between them quickly with a single key press.

Finally, key bindings are great for quickly activating abilities and spells. You can set keys to activate healing spells, buff spells, and any other spells you commonly use. This allows you to activate those spells without having to go through your inventory or bag.

Game Profiles

The Ares gaming keyboard also comes with preset game profiles. These are game specific settings that are optimized for each game. For example, the Overwatch profile will have specific key bindings and macros that will work best for the game.

In addition to the preset profiles, you can also create your own custom game profiles. This allows you to customize the keyboard to match your own specific playstyle. You can adjust the key bindings, macros, backlighting, and other settings to match your preferences.

You can also share game profiles with your friends and teammates. This is great if you all have the same keyboard. You can share your custom game profiles with your team and everyone can use the same settings. This is a great way to make sure your entire team is using the same key bindings and macros for maximum efficiency.

Once you’ve set up and adjusted your game profiles, you can easily switch between them with the click of a button. This is great for making sure you always have the right settings for the game you are playing.


Once you’ve adjusted your Ares gaming keyboard, you’ll be ready to dominate the battlefield. The Ares gaming keyboard has all the features you need to stay ahead of the competition and increase your gaming performance. With its customizable backlighting, macros, and other key bindings, your keyboard will be optimized to fit your playstyle and needs.

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