How To Build A Gaming Pc Tutorial

Building a gaming pc from scratch can be an intimidating task, especially for someone new to it. This tutorial will provide a detailed guide explaining how to construct a gaming computer, without any prior knowledge. Firstly, it is important to research the parts that will be needed. This will include a case, motherboard, graphics card, processor, power supply, storage, and cooling components. All these components should be compatible with each other and be capable of providing the desired performance.

The next step is to choose the right components for the build. It is important to take into account the desired budget and performance level. Graphics cards, processors and motherboards will determine the level of gaming performance, while the case and power supply affects size and energy efficiency. Depending on the amount of RAM, cooling components and storage chosen, these will also affect performance, price and future upgrade options.

After the components have been chosen, it is now time to assemble them. Starting with the case, this should be screwed into the right location on the motherboard. Each component should be firmly attached to the case and all the cables should be correctly connected. It is important to ensure all cables are correctly connected, and performance will not be hindered.

Thirdly, all the drivers and software should be installed. This can be done either manually from the manufacturer’s Web site, or using software such as Driver-Up or DriverPack. The operating system should then be successfully installed, and all drivers and programs should be updated. This makes sure the hardware is correctly optimized and is able to communicate with the other components at full speed.

When that is done, the system should be tested. This should involve a stress test, so all the components are pushed to their limits and any underlying issues can be fixed. After that, the system should be overclocked to gain extra performance. If all this is successful, the gaming computer is now ready to play.

Advanced Components

For people wanting to further improve the gaming performance of the PC, advanced components can be used. For example, a high-end graphics card can be used to deliver extra frames per second. A bigger RAM size can guarantee no performance issue will arise. The hard drive can also be upgraded for faster loading times. All these components will come at an extra cost.

Liquid Cooling

More extreme performance gains can be made by introducing liquid cooling. This involves replacing fans with a closed-loop liquid cooling system, which will reduce temperatures and eliminate fan noise. This allows processors and graphics cards to be overclocked much further, providing a major boost in performance that will satisfy those chasing the highest frames per second.


Gaming PCs can also be further customized with lighting components. LED strips can be used inside and outside the case, and can be connected to light controllers and/or RGB hubs. This allows for many lights to be plugged into one unit. Alternatively, water-cooled components can have LED lit reservoirs, adding a unique look to the gaming PC.

Storage and Cables

Storage space can also be increased in a gaming PC with the use of HDD or NVME storage drives. While these may not improve framerates in games, they will drastically improve loading times. Similarly, custom cables such as custom sleeved power cables can aesthetically improve the inside of a gaming PC. This is important for people that show off their PCs in tournaments or streaming sessions.

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