How To Update Gaming Pc

Feel left behind in the current gaming trend? Updating your gaming PC may be just what you need. Here, you’ll learn how to maximize your gaming experience with the most up-to-date pieces of hardware. This includes how to assess your needs, purchase the components, assemble them, and configure your newly upgraded computer for gaming.

First, you need to determine what components you need to replace. Start by examining your current setup and decide if the components you own can be used or need to be replaced. Additionally, consider what you plan to do in the future—gaming-wise—to determine if your current setup is suitable. Don’t forget to tally up a rough budget, as well.

Next, you’ll need to purchase the components online or in-store. This can be a lengthy process due to the types of components you’ll find, so make sure you read reviews, ask questions, and do price comparisons. You may want to join online forums and ask experienced gamers what hardware works best to ensure that you eventually decide on the correct components.

After purchasing the components, it’s time to assemble them. Be sure to invest in the proper tools and handle the hardware with care. An electronic hobbyist’s screwdriver set is a great starting point. If assembling the hardware is far beyond your current skills, enlist the help of a professional for safety and performance reasons.

Finally, configure your gaming PC to enhance your gaming experience. Make sure to install the latest system updates and driver software; reinstall your gaming software; and consider getting a game-mode app, such as GeForce Experience or Radeon Series Software, to get the most out of your hardware.

Caring For Your PC

Keeping a gaming PC up-to-date won’t be fully realized with just an upgrade. It’s also important to take good care of it so it performs optimally for many years. Regularly clean out the dust, maintain the recommended temperature levels, and keep your desktop or laptop cool by using an external fan or cooling pad under your computer. Additionally, it’s not a bad idea to clean-up unnecessary files to reduce heat and noise.

It’s also highly recommended to invest in an anti-virus software to protect your files from malicious threats. Even if you only browse trustworthy websites and download from reliable sources, malware and ransomware have become more widespread than ever before. To avoid losing your important files, purchase a comprehensive anti-virus plan that targets existing and emerging threats.

Moreover, make sure to install the latest system patches to keep your computer secure. Regularly download the updates associated with your operating system, browser, apps, and other gaming software, as developers constantly improve them to make sure your info is safe, while also enhancing the overall performance of your device.

Finally, be sure to back-up your data. It won’t always be easy but having an external hard drive with the appropriate application for your OS, such as Windows Backup and Restore or Time Machine for Apple, is a must for all gamers. You don’t want to lose your important files, nor do you want to be gaming from scratch.

Cable Management

Appropriate cable management can make all the difference in your gaming experience. Not only does it help you maintain a neat environment, but it also enables you to identify and remove or replace unwanted cables. Additionally, it helps you keep the airflow optimized, which means keeping your desktop or laptop cool during long and intensive gaming sessions.

When cable managing, consider the type of hardware you have, the dimensions of your hardware, and the placement of the processor. With that said, try to plan out a path in which to route all the cables and then use zip ties and other cable management accessories to keep them organized in one area. It also helps to double up on the zip ties so they’re more secure.

Also, consider investing in a wireless networking adapter if you use wireless devices, as wireless communication requires multiple devices that are very close to the router. In turn, having the right adapter, or adapters, makes sure the router has all the bandwidth and space it needs for the highest performance.

Finally, if you use computer peripherals, such as a gaming mouse or controller, make sure you have the necessary power, data, and audio cables. They come in various forms, from USB and FireWire, to coax cables and fiber optics. Make sure to buy quality cables in order to experience the best performance with any connected device.

Cooling Solutions

No matter what type of gaming PC you have, it needs cooling solutions. These can be anything from fan kits and coolers, to liquid cooling systems. Fans are great at dissipating the heat generated by your processor, while liquid coolers are more efficient in cooling down the system. Keep in mind that liquid coolers require more maintenance, but usually come with lower noise levels.

When selecting a cooling system to fit your PC, dimension and compatibility should definitely be taken into account. Additionally, note whether it provides enough thermal dissipation to cool all of your hardware, as well as take into consideration the power requirements of each component.

In addition to cooling systems, you may want to invest in a gaming desk instead of a regular one. Gaming desks are typically crafted to provide extra support and give you more freedom when it comes to cable management and installing a liquid cooling system. Moreover, some gaming desks come equipped with RGB lighting, fans, and audio integration.

Also, think about under-desk or full-tower lighting to reduce eye strain during long gaming sessions. LED strip lights provide multiple color lighting and either attach with straps or come with adhesive to line the perimeter of your rig, as well as the desk itself.

Finally, to maximize the airflow within your tower, you’ll need to order an airguide. They usually come included with most cases and usually consist of plastic panels with holes that can be configured to direct airflow to certain areas.

Cases and SSD

Nowadays, most cases are constructed out of metal and plastic for maximum performance. Furthermore, most of them come with tool-less drive bays, removable motherboard trays, and fan grilles for efficient cooling and cable management.

You don’t even need to break the bank when looking for a great case. Budget cases are now far sturdier, lighter, and even better ventilated than cases more than twice the cost. And they usually include great-looking case windows, cable management accessories, and other essential features.

Moreover, try looking for an economical motherboard as well. Most modern motherboards now allow you to adjust the performance, overclock the processor, integrate wireless connectivity, support 4K gaming, and more. Also, look for an affordable graphics card, storage (HDD, SSD, or both), a power supply unit, and RAM.

Lastly, if you don’t have an SSD, you should really consider getting one. An SSD would greatly improve your gaming experience by speeding up the loading time of your games, allowing for smoother game play, and overall faster performance.

The installation process of an SSD is also simple. You’ll need to create a bootable USB, clone your current drive, shut down the system, disconnect the current hard drive, plug the SSD, and connect the new drive to the power supply. Then, you’ll insert the USB, load the OS and, finally, install the drivers before you can start playing.

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