Is 500Gb Good For A Gaming Pc

Understanding the value of hard drive space is an important part of purchasing the right gaming PC. 500 GB can be a good amount of space for some gamers, especially casual gamers. However, if you have a lot of games or if you do a lot of streaming, editing, and downloading, 500 GB may not be enough. This article will discuss if 500 GB is enough for a gaming PC, what alternatives you can consider, and how you can manage your storage Options.

Storage Needs for Different Types of Gamers

500 GB may be a good match for casual gamers who mainly play one or two games. If you’re playing a game like The Sims 4, which is 28 GB when installed, then you could fit about 17-18 games on a 500 GB hard drive, providing plenty of playtime. Additionally, this amount of drive will allow casual gamers to store some of their favorite music, videos, and editing software.

On the other hand, hardcore gamers who like to play multiple current-generation AAA titles may quickly run out of space on a 500 GB system. For example, Grand Theft Auto V is over 70 GB and the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is over 5GB. If you have multiple current gen games and download updates often, you can fill up 500 GB in no time.

Another factor to consider is if you plan on playing competitively and require quick loading speeds. SSDs can drastically reduce loading times and offer a more seamless gaming experience. However, even the largest 500 GB SSD is still going to fill up quickly with large video games.

Finally, if you plan on streaming, recording, or editing your games, a 500 GB hard drive will fill up even more quickly. Professional recording software and graphics editing software require a lot of storage space. Depending on the recording settings you plan on using, the files generated from streaming can quickly consume a 500 GB hard drive.

Alternatives to Consider

If a 500 GB hard drive is not sufficient for your needs, then you can consider using an external hard drive. External hard drives are great for backing up your data and providing an extra boost of space without having to upgrade the internal storage of your PC. Additionally, most external hard drives come with their own software, allowing you to easily move files back and forth without an issue.

You could also opt for a bigger internal hard drive. 1 TB or 2 TB hard drives are very affordable and typically provide ample space for most gamers, even those who do a lot of streaming and editing. However, these drives will only be useful if your PC can handle them. Check your motherboard for compatibility before opting for a larger internal drive.

Finally, if you are looking for the quickest loading times and the most space, you can opt for an HDD and an SSD combo. For example, you might get a 500 GB SSD and a 4 TB HDD, providing lots of space for games and files, but also a powerful HDD for quick loading times. Just make sure your motherboard is compatible first.

Managing Your Storage

Using an external hard drive is a great way to back up your data and store files without impacting the storage of your PC. External drives are easy to use, don’t require any installation or complex setup, and are relatively affordable. Furthermore, most external drives come with their own software, making it easy to manage and transfer files.

You can also consider using cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox to store and back up your data. However, these services come with a monthly cost and can quickly add up if you require a lot of space. Additionally, you need to factor in the upload speeds and the time it takes to move files to and from the cloud.

If you are keeping your files on a separate hard drive, you can use a software like Daemon Tools or WinMount to mount your files and play them directly from the external drive. This will free up a lot of space on your PC and make it easier to manage your files.

You can also use compression programs like WinRAR or 7zip to reduce the file size of large files or collections of files. You can even compress files that have already been compressed. This can save you a lot of space over time. Just make sure to backup the files in case you need to uncompress them again.

Optimizing Your PC

Make sure to delete any temporary files or caches that your system has stored. This can free up a lot of space and prevent your PC from running slow due to large caches. Additionally, you can consider disabling background apps or services that are running in the background and taking up your valuable storage space.

You can also use a clean-up tool like CCleaner or Disk Cleanup to quickly move unwanted files from your system. This is especially helpful if you have downloaded a lot of files and left them on your system without deleting them. You can also uninstall any programs you no longer use to unclutter your hard drive.

Another tip is to manually delete duplicate files. If you have multiple versions of the same files, you can check their size and delete the bigger version. This can quickly reduce the amount of storage that your PC is using and make it run faster.


500 GB holds great potential for casual gamers but can quickly be filled up by gamers engaging in streaming, recording, and editing. An external hard drive is a great way to back up data and store files, while a larger internal drive can provide more space. Additionally, use compression programs and clean-up tools to make the most of your hard drive space.

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