What Does A Gaming Pc Need To Be Good

A gaming PC is an essential component of a serious gamer’s arsenal. It is the computer that delivers the smooth gameplay and immersive full-3D graphics that gamers have come to expect. A good gaming PC needs to have the right hardware and components to meet the requirements of the games being played. Here are the key components to look for to ensure that your gaming PC is up to the task.

Graphics Card

The graphics card is perhaps the most important component of a gaming PC. It is the component that allows you to generate the high-resolution images and the details your games need to look great. Make sure to get a card that has enough Video RAM (VRAM) to accommodate the games you plan to play. It is also important to get a card that is compatible with your monitor’s resolution.


The CPU is the brains of the operation. It is the component that does all the behind-the-scenes calculations to create the dynamic and fast-paced gaming experience for which gamers crave. A good gaming PC should have a powerful processor and enough cores to ensure that the games run smoothly. Look for processors with high clock speeds, which are measured in gigahertz (GHz).


The motherboard is the primary hub for all the hardware of a gaming PC. It is where the CPU and graphics card plug in and it serves as the bridge for the whole system. When choosing a motherboard, look for a board that will support the CPU and GPU you are planning to use. The board should also be able to expand to accommodate additional components in case you need to upgrade later.


Another important component of a gaming PC is memory, also known as RAM. The more RAM a gaming PC has, the more games and programs it can run at the same time. Get a gaming PC with a minimum of 8GB of RAM. You should consider going for 16GB or 32GB if you plan to do more than just gaming on your PC.


A gaming PC needs to have the right storage solution so games and programs can be accessed quickly and easily. A solid-state drive (SSD) is the best option for gamers, as it offers faster loading times than a regular hard drive. Get a sizable SSD, at least 256GB, if you want to maximize your PC’s performance.

Power Supply

A reliable power supply is essential for powering a gaming PC. Look for power supplies that are at least 500 watts to ensure that your gaming PC has enough juice to run all your components smoothly. Make sure the power supply is compatible with your motherboard.

Cooling System

A gaming PC naturally generates a lot of heat and, if not properly cooled, can cause system crashes or affect performance. Get a PC with a good cooling system if you want your gaming PC to last for a long time. You should be looking for a system that has multiple fans or a liquid cooling system.


A gaming PC is only as good as its monitor. Make sure to get a monitor with a large enough display and a high enough refresh rate to give you the best gaming experience possible. Look for monitors with native resolutions of at least 1080p and a refresh rate of at least 144 hertz.

Other Components

Finally, there are some other components you may want to consider when building your gaming PC. A good sound system will improve the audio experience of your games. It is also important to get a comfortable mouse and keyboard, as these will be your primary input devices for gaming. You should also make sure to get a reliable router, as it will ensure that you have a good connection for online gaming.

On-Board Components

When building a gaming PC, it is important to ensure that you have all the necessary onboard components. This includes all of the necessary ports and connectors that you need for external peripherals like monitors, headsets, and other devices. Additionally, make sure to get a motherboard that has the latest integrated technologies such as SATA, USB 3.1, and the latest networking connection options such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Powerful Operating System

Finally, it is important to make sure that the operating system in your gaming PC is powerful enough to support the games you want to play. Windows 10 is generally considered the best option for gaming. It is the most recent version of Windows, and it is optimized to run the latest games and take advantage of the advanced hardware in gaming PCs.


Top-of-the-line gaming PCs are expensive, but if you want to make sure that your PC can keep up with the ever-growing demands of gaming, it is important to invest in a PC that is upgradable. Look for components that are easy to replace and replaceable like graphics cards and CPUs, as these are the components that will have to be upgraded most often. Additionally, look for motherboards that support both the current and upcoming generation of processors.

Design and Personalization

When it comes to gaming PCs, gamers love customizing their PCs to make them look and feel unique. If you are serious about gaming, it is worth it to invest in a PC that has a sleek design and customizable options. Look for gaming PCs that come with RGB lighting and customizable case fans, which can make your PC stand out from the crowd.

PC Building vs Buying Pre-Built

Finally, it is important to consider whether you want to build your own gaming PC or buy a pre-built one. Building your own PC from scratch has the advantage of being able to customize it to your exact specifications. Pre-built gaming PCs, on the other hand, cost less and come ready to go. In either case, make sure to get a PC that meets your needs and fits your budget.

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