What Gaming Keyboard Does Ninja Use

Ninja, the popular Twitch streamer, is known for his exceptional gaming skills and the high-end peripherals he uses. Specifically, what gaming keyboard does Ninja use? It is a SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL. Ninja has been using this gaming keyboard since 2019. It is quite expensive, retailing at around $200, yet it has great features that justify the price.

The mechanic uses Omni Point Key Switch technology, providing smooth and lightning-fast actuation of keys. This technology provides unparalleled responsiveness, which is essential for competitive gamers. Moreover, it is adjustable and customizable, allowing users to tune actuation distance and feedback to their requirements. In addition, its aluminum alloy frame makes it incredibly durable and a perfect choice for avid gamers.

The SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL features OLED and RGB backlighting. The OLED smart display helps users quickly access in-game data, and custom tailored menus. Furthermore, its RGB lighting is compatible with over 16.8 million colors, and it allows users to personalize their keyboard as much as possible. Its onboard memory allows for programmable key presses, so that users can personalize the controls for their games and quickly access different functions.

The SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL is ergonomically designed and provides maximum comfort to users. It is equipped with a detachable magnetic wrist rest, making it comfortable to use for long gaming sessions. In addition, the wrist rest’s soft PU construction provides superior cushioning for reducing pressure on the wrists.

Overall, Ninja’s choice of gaming keyboard is quite impressive, and it should be the go-to peripheral for the serious gamer. It features amazing features and customizable functions that allow users to adjust their gaming experience. Plus, its ergonomic design ensures that gamers have comfortable gaming sessions.

What Other Gaming Peripherals Does Ninja Use?

Just like his gaming keyboard, Ninja uses a variety of gaming peripherals to enhance his gaming experience. He uses several gaming mice, including the SteelSeries Rival 650, BenQ Zowie FK2 and Logitech G Pro Wireless. All of these gaming mice offer great accuracy and durability.

When it comes to gaming headsets, the popular streamer has tried multiple models, such as the Logitech G Pro X, Sennheiser GSP 500, and HyperX Cloud Flight. All of these headsets offer superior sound quality and deliver superior audio performance.

Moreover, Ninja also uses gaming surfaces for enhanced gaming sessions. Specifically, he uses a SteelSeries QcK Heavy mousepad, and more recently a HyperX Fury S. The QcK Heavy offers a non-slip rubber base and a sleek design, while the HyperX Fury S provides superior control and comfort when playing intense games.

In addition to these gaming peripherals, Ninja also uses devices such as a computer monitor and a gaming console. For his monitor, he uses the ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q, a 27” monitor that offers superior visuals, brightness, and color accuracy. For gaming consoles, Ninja uses the Microsoft Xbox One X and the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro.

Do I Need the Same Gear as Ninja to Improve My Gaming Performance?

Despite Ninja’s impressive gaming gear, it is not essential to have the same gear as him to improve your gaming performance. While Ninja’s gear is great, it is not necessary to replicate it. It is important to remember that Ninja also has exceptional gaming skills that make him stand out from other gamers.

Moreover, it is important to take into account the type of games you want to play. Even if you have the same peripherals as Ninja, you may not get the same results. Different games require different gaming gear, and it is important to take this into account when seeking to enhance your gaming skills. For instance, if you want to play games that involve precise movements, you may consider using a gaming mouse with advanced optical sensors.

Furthermore, it is also important to find gaming peripherals that fit your budget. High-end gaming gear can be expensive, so it is important to consider how much money you are willing to spend on gaming peripherals. A great way to save money is to find gaming gear that is excellent yet affordable. There are many great gaming peripherals from mid-range to high-end that offer great features but are still reasonably priced.

Ultimately, having gaming gear similar to Ninja’s is not necessary for improving your gaming experience. It is important to find the gear that best suits your needs and your budget. Moreover, it is essential to practice and hone your gaming skills in order to truly become a better gamer.

What Are the Other Benefits of Using Ninja’s Gaming Gear?

Aside from improving your gaming performance, using Ninja’s gaming gear has several other benefits. Firstly, using gear that is endorsed by a professional gamer may improve your gaming confidence. Knowing that a professional gamer uses the same gear and enjoys great success may give you the confidence to take on more difficult tasks.

Moreover, Ninja’s gaming gear may also improve your gaming experience in other ways. For instance, many of his peripherals feature ergonomic designs and comfort-oriented features. This may improve your comfort when playing for prolonged periods of time and reduce strain on your wrists and hands. In addition, these peripherals feature advanced technology that can enhance your gaming experience, such as the RGB lighting and the adjustable actuation distance.

Furthermore, Ninja’s gear may also inspire you to customize and personalize your own gaming setup. By studying Ninja’s gaming gear, you may be able to gain valuable insight as to how you can customize and optimize your own gaming setup. Thus, you may be able to boost your gaming experience and increase your gameplay levels.

Finally, using the gear that Ninja uses may add some fun to your gaming experiences. Following in the footsteps of a gaming great may be both exciting and inspiring, and it may lead to some new experiences. Moreover, using the same gear as Ninja is a great conversation starter when playing with others, and it may even lead to valuable gaming tips or advice.

Is Ninja’s Gaming Gear Worth Buying?

Given the high-end nature of Ninja’s gaming gear, many gamers may wonder if it is worth the investment. The answer to this question is yes. Ninja’s gaming gear is created with the serious gamer in mind and offers a high-end gaming experience. Additionally, it is highly durable and comfortable to use for extensive gaming sessions, so it is likely to last for years to come.

Moreover, Ninja’s gaming gear is not only for the competitive gamers, but it is also suitable for casual gamers. Many of Ninja’s gaming peripherals feature amazing features such as adjustable actuation distance and RGB lighting, so that users can customize and personalize their gaming setup. This can enhance not only competitive players’ gaming experience, but also casual gamers’.

In addition, it is important to consider the other benefits of using Ninja’s gaming gear. Not only does it have the potential to improve your gaming performance, but it may also enhance your gaming confidence and inspire you to customize and personalize your own setup. Furthermore, using the same gear as Ninja may be an exciting and thrilling experience, and you may even learn valuable gaming tips and advice.

In conclusion, Ninja’s gaming gear is worth considering if you are looking for high-end peripherals. Its features, ergonomic design, and comfort-oriented features make it an ideal choice for both competitive and casual gamers. Its features may boost your performance and give you a unique gaming experience. Lastly, it may also provide other benefits, such as increased confidence and inspirational customization of your gaming setup.

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