What Should I Be Looking For In A Gaming Pc

When it comes to selecting a gaming PC, there are several key factors to consider. Firstly, the main aim of the PC should be focused on gaming capabilities, ensuring that the hardware is up-to-date and will allow for smooth and efficient gaming. Secondly, the GPU and CPU should be powerful and reliable, as these components are essential for high-performance gaming. Thirdly, storage type and capacity should be taken into account, as this will determine how many games and applications can be installed on the device. Fourthly, the RAM must be adequate, allowing for running multiple programs without encountering lag. Finally, the cooling system should be prioritized, as this is critical for long gaming sessions as it reduces heat and stress on the components.

The Graphics Card

When selecting a gaming PC, the graphics card is one of the most important elements. This component is responsible for generating images on the display, and is often referred to as the core of the PC’s gaming performance. It is recommended to aim for high-end graphics cards that allow for the best gaming experience, such as those developed by Nvidia or AMD. Furthermore, it’s important to factor in the resolution that the graphics card can support, as this will determine the visual quality of the game.

Connectivity Features

It’s essential to ensure that the PC has enough external connections and ports to suit your gaming needs. Look out for USB-A and USB-C ports, as these will enable you to attach controllers and other peripherals. Additionally, if the PC supports HDMI, this will allow you to connect to multiple displays – great for gaming on a larger screen. Furthermore, Wi-Fi connectivity should be considered for gaming on the go.


The software that a gaming PC runs on is equally as important as the hardware. Windows 10 is the recommended operating system for gaming, as this has the most comprehensive gaming features. Furthermore, it is wise to check the version of DirectX installed on the PC as older versions may not support the latest games. Lastly, it’s useful to check that applications such as antivirus software are already installed – as this can provide extra protection and help improve system performance.


Not only should the gaming PC you select be focused on high performance, but it should also be designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Many gaming PCs come in custom cases, with RGB lighting and other features to give them a unique look. The keyboard and mouse should also be taken into account, as comfortable gaming peripherals help to improve the gaming experience.


Of course, it is important to consider the budget when looking for a gaming PC. The cost of a gaming PC depends on the quality of the hardware, with high-end models costing significantly more than entry-level machines. For most gamers, it’s best to look for a mid-range PC that offers good performance at an affordable price.


Reading customer reviews is a useful way to gain an insight into the performance of a gaming PC. Reviews are a great way to gauge the pros and cons of a machine, and to find out whether it is suited to the needs of the gamer. It’s also worth researching the reputation of the manufacturer, and how their products have been received by industry experts.

Commercial Warranties

Finally, a reputable retailer will offer a commercial warranty on gaming PCs, providing an extra layer of security. It is recommended to select a PC which has at least 24 months of coverage, as this allows for hardware repairs and replacements if necessary.

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