What To Look For In A Pc Gaming Monitor

If you are serious about PC gaming, then having the right monitor is essential. The right PC gaming monitor will make all the difference between an enjoyable gaming experience and a mediocre one. In this article, we discuss what to look for when buying a PC gaming monitor.

Firstly, you want to look for a monitor that offers a good range of resolutions. Most gaming monitors come with a range of resolutions, but it is important to find one that suits your particular gaming needs. High-end gaming monitors usually offer higher resolutions than standard monitors.

Secondly, you’ll want to pay attention to the refresh rate. The refresh rate is important for any type of gaming and it helps to reduce input lag. A refresh rate of 144Hz or higher will typically provide the best gaming performance.

Thirdly, you’ll need to consider the size of the monitor. This is important because you’ll want to make sure that the monitor is large enough to display the game properly. Most PC gaming monitors range in size from 21 inches to 27 inches.

Fourthly, you’ll want to consider the display panel type. The two main display panel types are TN and IPS. TN panels offer lower response times and better color accuracy than IPS panels.

Fifthly, you want to look for features such as G-sync and FreeSync. These features can help reduce screen tearing and provide a smoother gaming experience.

Sixthly, you’ll also want to consider the input/output options of the monitor. You’ll want to make sure that the monitor has enough ports to support all the devices you wish to connect to it.

Finally, you should also look for a monitor that has good build quality and low latency. Good build quality ensures that the monitor will last for many years and low latency ensures a smoother gaming experience.

Types Of Monitors For PC Gaming

There are several types of PC gaming monitors available. Curved monitors are a popular choice among gamers as they provide an immersive viewing experience. Ultrawide monitors are perfect for those who want to be immersed in a wider field of view. Curved ultrawide monitors are the ultimate in gaming immersion, offering an even wider field of view.

High dynamic range (HDR) monitors are becoming increasingly popular for PC gaming. HDR monitors provide better contrast and color accuracy, giving games a more detailed look. They also support wide color gamuts and high brightness levels.

G-sync and FreeSync are two technologies used in PC gaming monitors. G-sync can reduce screen tearing and stuttering, while FreeSync can do the same while also providing image quality enhancements. These technologies make gaming on PC smoother and more enjoyable.

OLED monitors offer the best performance in terms of color accuracy, contrast, and response time. OLED monitors are the most expensive type of gaming monitor, but they are well worth the cost if you want the best gaming experience.

Things To Consider Before Buying A PC Gaming Monitor

Before you buy a PC gaming monitor, there are several factors to consider. The size of the monitor is an important factor, as is the refresh rate. The resolution, display panel type, and input/output options should also be taken into consideration.

Cost is also an important factor when buying a PC gaming monitor. High-end gaming monitors tend to be more expensive than standard monitors, but they also offer better performance. It is important to find a balance between performance and cost when choosing your monitor.

It is also important to consider the ergonomics of the monitor. You’ll want to make sure that the monitor is comfortable to use for extended periods of time. This includes ensuring that the monitor is adjustable in both height and tilt.

The gaming environment is also an important factor to consider. If you are playing in a bright room, then you’ll want to make sure that the monitor can be adjusted to suit the level of light in the environment.

Lastly, you’ll want to research the manufacturer of the monitor. Look for reputable manufacturers who use quality components and make sure to read customer reviews before making your purchase.

Advanced Features Of PC Gaming Monitors

High-end gaming monitors come equipped with a range of advanced features that can help improve your gaming experience. Some of these include adaptive sync, motion blur reduction, and HDR support.

Adaptive sync helps reduce screen tearing and stuttering by synchronizing the refresh rate of the monitor to the frame rate of the game being played. Motion blur reduction technology helps improve visibility by eliminating motion blur on the screen.

HDR support allows for increased levels of contrast, color accuracy, and brightness. This helps to give games a more realistic look and provides a more immersive gaming experience.

Many gaming monitors also offer built-in speakers and gaming-centric features such as FPS counter, crosshair overlays, and on-screen display.

These features may not be essential, but they can add an extra level of fun and convenience to your gaming experience. Some gaming monitors even come with RGB lighting, allowing you to customize the look of your gaming setup.

Additional Features To Look For

In addition to the features mentioned above, there are also a few additional features that you should look for when buying a PC gaming monitor. The monitor should have a good response time and a low input lag. This will help ensure smooth gameplay and reduce motion blur.

Another important feature to consider is a low blue light filter. This filter helps reduce fatigue and eye strain during prolonged gaming sessions.

It is also important to consider whether or not the monitor has built-in speakers. Having built-in speakers allows you to enjoy the sound of the game without having to invest in an external speaker system.

Finally, if you are looking for a gaming monitor with the latest features, then you may want to consider a 4K monitor. 4K monitors offer the best picture quality and provide the ultimate gaming experience.


PC gaming monitors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and features. To find the perfect monitor for your gaming needs, you’ll need to consider a range of different factors, from resolution and refresh rate to input/output options and ergonomics. You’ll also want to look for advanced features such as G-sync, FreeSync, and HDR support. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to find the perfect PC gaming monitor for your needs.

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