What’s The Cheapest Gaming Pc

Finding the right gaming PC that won’t break the bank can be a daunting task. But with the right know-how and some research, you can find a great, yet affordable gaming PC. In this article, we’ll discuss what the cheapest gaming PC is. We’ll also look at what kind of performance you can expect from it, and where you can find it.

When it comes to gaming PCs, the most affordable route is to build it yourself. You can pick up the needed parts for a fraction of the cost of a pre-built one. You’ll also be able to customize and upgrade parts as your gaming needs, budget, and preferences change. Building your own also grants you more freedom, allowing you to tailor your machine to your desires. When it comes to parts, you’ll want to focus on getting ones with the best value. That means balancing price with performance.

For PC gaming, the CPU is an important part to focus on. Intel’s i5 9400F is a great, yet affordable processor. It can handle 1080p gaming at high graphics and will still deliver good performance. For RAM, 8GB of DDR4 RAM is standard, and if you can afford 16GB – even better. A 500GB SATA solid-state drive will allow you to store your games as well as boot your PC quickly. A GTX 1650 4GB graphics card is also fairly cheap, yet still capable enough to let you enjoy many AAA titles. You can also save money by skipping out on expensive extras like liquid cooling and going for a more basic cooling system.

When putting together your PC or hunting for a pre-built one, always check for offers and discounts. You can usually find games with considerable discounts if you’re willing to sacrifice some performance for it. Do keep in mind that, due to budget cuts, certain parts may be downgraded. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will be slower than its better parts, but it can mean that they’ll age more quickly than the more expensive options.

By spending some time researching parts and prices, you can get a great PC for gaming without breaking the bank. If you’re willing to tweak and adjust the specs, you can make that price go even lower. However, the cheapest gaming PC isn’t always the best one. You should focus on a balance between specs, price, and performance when picking the right gaming PC for you.

Tips To Finding The Best Cheapest Gaming PC

When looking for the cheapest gaming PC, it helps to have a few tips in mind. Knowing the specs and prices of what you want is crucial. With the intel CPU market, going for the i7 is usually best. You can also look for pre-built pre-made options. These can be an affordable way to get the gaming experience you want. Look around for discounts, bundles, and offers. Doing this can help save you a lot of money!

Also, try to shop around for the best deals. Compare prices on retailers such as Amazon, Newegg, and other popular sites. Knowing the parts you need for the specs you want can also help save money. When building your PC, try to avoid fancy extras such as liquid cooling and designer cases. The bulk of your budget should go towards specs and performance.

Finally, try to focus on what matters most to you. Know what games you plan to play, and make sure your hardware is enough to run them. If not, try to make some adjustments to other parts to make sure it works. At the end of the day, make sure you get the right PC for you and your gaming needs.

Specifications To Look For In A Cheapest Gaming PC

When trying to find the best cheapest gaming PC, you should consider certain specifications for your desired build. For starters, aim for at least 8 GB of RAM. Anything less than this may not provide enough power for today’s programs and games. Having a solid-state drive (SSD) will also help you get the most out of your system. This is because it considerably speeds up boot times. Going up to 16 GB of RAM is an excellent idea to future proof your PC, although 8GB can still offer good performance.

In addition, you’ll also need to think about your processor (CPU). An Intel i5 or i7 is best for gaming in 2020. Avoid any AMD CPUs as they do not perform as well. As for the GPU, go for something from Nvidia’s lineup. The GTX 1660 Ti is the cheapest card that can offer decent performance for many top games. You can also look into AMD cards, such as the RX 5500XT. These can provide some decent performance at an affordable price.

The motherboard is where all the components go. When choosing one, make sure it supports the latest processors and the type of RAM you plan to use. As for the case, it’s mostly a matter of preferance. However, beyond looks, there are also practical factors like cooling and space to consider. And lastly, the power supply should be able to power all your components and still leave headroom for potential upgrades.

What To Avoid When Finding The Cheapest Gaming PC

When looking for the cheapest gaming PC, there are some things you will want to avoid. Firstly, buying second-hand parts can be very risky, as they may not work, or may not be compatible with your system. Secondly, sticking with mid-range or low-end parts just to save money may not get you the performance you need. Thirdly, you may have to sacrifice some bells and whistles to get a great bargain, but don’t skimp on essential components for your gaming needs.

In addition, try to avoid pre-built PCs. Not only are they usually marked up, but their components are usually of lower quality than these you can buy separately. These components are also not upgradeable, and you can’t add better parts later. Lastly, make sure to do your research. Knowing all the specifications and prices of the parts you want is key to getting the best deal.

Alternatives To The Cheapest Gaming PC

If you don’t have the budget to build or buy a gaming PC, there are a few alternatives you can consider. One option is to use a gaming laptop. These are more expensive than a gaming PC, but they offer portability and convenience. Another alternative is to build a mini gaming PC. This is a great option if you don’t need great gaming performance, but still want some performance.

You can also see if you can find older parts for cheap on sites like eBay and Craigslist. While these may not be the best performance-wise, they should still be capable of running older games. Another option is to rent or borrow a gaming PC. This can be a great way to test out the gaming experience, without having to make a commitment.

Finally, you can always upgrade the parts of your existing PC to get better gaming performance. Switching out the CPU and RAM for ones with better performance can do wonders for your gaming capabilities. Upgrading your graphics card is usually the biggest bang for your buck. However, you’ll want to consider the cost, as a better GPU can be expensive.

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