Where Can I Get A Gaming Monitor

When it’s time to upgrade your gaming arsenal, one of the pieces of equipment that often needs replacing first is the monitor. There are many options when it comes to gaming monitors and the type you choose will depend on your budget and what features you want. Many people start out with a basic monitor but as they become more advanced and experienced, they start looking for monitors with more features such as refresh rates, adjustable refresh rates and G-Sync or Freesync technology. Here we’ll take a look at where to find the best gaming monitors, what to look for and tips on choosing the right one for you.

Online Shopping

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular for gaming monitor purchases. Stores like Amazon have a wide range of choices from budget to premium monitors. They also have customer reviews which can be helpful in making a decision. Be sure to read through the reviews to get a better understanding of how well the monitor performs and if it fits your needs. Additionally, most online stores have free shipping and returns so you can conveniently return it if it’s not to your satisfaction. When buying online, be sure to check the compatibility of the monitor with your GPU, processor and any other computing equipment you currently have.

Retail Stores

Local retail stores such as Walmart, Best Buy, and other electronics retailers are great places to purchase gaming monitors. Although the selection may not be as extensive, they often offer competitive prices and can help you with finding the right monitor. As with online shopping, check the compatibility of the monitor being considered. They usually allow you to try before you buy so you can test the display and make sure you’re getting what you want. Clearance sales are also a great way to find good deals on gaming monitors from these retailers.


Visit the websites for the brands of gaming monitors you’re interested in and check out their selection. Shopping directly with manufacturers is often the best way to go, since they usually have the latest models available and competitive prices. Most brands also have warranties on their products and some offer service repairs. Many manufacturers also offer deals and discounts that can provide great savings.

Standalone Deals

In addition to the retailers mentioned, there are many standalone websites dedicated to deals on gaming monitors. Sites such as Slickdeals, Retail Me Not and Tech Bargains offer excellent deals on various gaming monitors. Be sure to read the comments before making a purchase so you can make an informed decision. Always remember to factor in the cost of shipping for online orders to end up with the best overall deal.

Auctions Sites

Auctions sites such as eBay can be a great place to find deals on gaming monitors. Sometimes, people list brand new products at a discounted price. However, you’ll need to double-check the specifications and details to make sure you’re getting a good deal. eBay also has a buyer protection policy in case you’re not happy with your purchase.

Inter-City deals

The inter-city deals are becoming increasingly popular.They are especially beneficial if you are looking for gaming monitors that are not available in your locality. The inter-city deal offers amazing discounts on a multitude of products including gaming monitors. It also gives you the chance to interact with different local retailers who may offer different deals on the gaming monitor you are looking for. You get the same delivery speed and convenience of shopping online and the comfort of buying from a local retailer.

Manufacturer sites

Another great way to find gaming monitors is directly from the manufacturer’s website. Going directly to the manufacturer allows you to have detailed information about the product and also the discounts that manufacturers offer from time to time. Manufacturer sites also allow for better control over warranties and servicing if you ever need it in the future, allowing you to stay informed of any changes that occur.

Promotions and Coupons

Coupon sites, promotional websites, loyalty programs, and subscription services can offer great deals on gaming monitors. Many retailers feature promotions and discounts to attract more customers. Look out for those offers, and many of the times, people can save a huge amount of money by using the right promotional offer. Additionally, look out for loyalty programs and rewards offered by retailers, as they often provide discounts on gaming monitors.

Look out for Deals from Blogs and Forums

There are many blogs and forums dedicated to gaming and computer related topics. Often these sites have deals and discounts that can be used for purchasing gaming monitors. Be sure to keep an eye on these sites as they often feature promotions and discounts that aren’t available elsewhere. Another great tip is to join the mailing list for these sites to stay informed of any upcoming deals and discounts.

Promotional sales periods

Promotional sales periods such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best time to shop for gaming monitors. Retailers usually offer generous discounts on these days and many shoppers queue up early to pick up great deals. It is important to stay tuned and look out for deals during these times as they can offer savings of up to 70%.

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