Why Buy A Gaming Pc Over A Console

It is a longstanding debate whether to buy a gaming PC or a console for gaming. Although gaming consoles provide convenience and a certain degree of game compatibility for an overall great gaming experience, gaming PC’s offer many benefits that make them the better alternative to gamers. Below are 7 reasons why buying a gaming PC is a more attractive choice for a gaming experience than any gaming console.

To begin with, PC gaming gives more control over customization. PCs are often more expensive than a console, but generally offer greater options for hardware upgrades and scalability. Being able to tailor the PC to your own specifications and for your own preferences is something that no console can do. This can greatly improve the gaming experience.

Additionally, a gaming PC allows access to exclusives. Despite widely popular and successful consoles, there are only so many games that will ever be released on them. With PC gaming, software developers can create more exclusivity to the gaming experience as there is no need to worry about compatibility of hardware between all the consoles available. Games which are PC exclusive provide a unique gaming experience.

Moreover, gaming PCs provide a much more superior graphical performance. The power and hardware capabilities of gaming PCs far surpass that of any console, allowing a higher graphical display and frame-rates compared to consoles. Providing a better graphics performance than any console, a gaming PC provides the user with the comfort they are getting the best performance available.

Also, a gaming PC gives access to the Steam platform. Steam is the world’s largest digital distribution platform, allowing users to access numerous games, software, downloadable content and various network features. Having direct access to such a large library of games further increases the value of gaming on a PC.

Moreover, past games can also be played on PC. With consoles, one is limited to playing currently compatible games, however with a gaming PC this isn’t an issue. With emulation and game streaming, any game can be playable on a PC no matter how old, allowing one to still appreciate classic games and satisfy those gaming nostalgia cravings.

Finally, PC games are often cheaper. With options to access deals such as digital game-discounts and early access exclusive deals, as well as generally more universally given discounts across titles, games may cost substantially less on PC than on a console

Greater customization control

One the main benefits of owning a gaming PC is the access to greater customization. While gaming consoles may come with a certain level of customizability, gaming PCs offer a much higher degree of scalability and upgrade options. Being able to tailor the gaming PC to one’s individual preferences is truly something that no console can ever achieve. With the right hardware specifications and software settings, a gaming PC can provide a uniquely optimized gaming experience.

In a way, it is like building your gaming machine from scratch. Knowing which parts to pick, what GPU to use and what level of RAM to invest in can be extremely rewarding. A PC can also provide interesting endeavors with regards to over-clocking the hardware. Using tweaks to the PC’s hardware and settings, a gaming PC can have its performance pushed to the limits.

Even for the hardware, much better compatibility exists on PCs than available on consoles. With PCs, parts can be changed and upgraded without having to worry much about compatibility. Switching parts and adding additional hardware can also be very helpful in improving the optimization of the PC, allowing for much greater scalability and tailoring.

The range of customizability and upgradability available with a gaming PC makes it a more attractive option than any console. Whether it is to boost the performance or to customize the look of the gaming rig, any PC can be easily tweaked for the optimal gaming experience.

PC access to exclusives

Another great aspect of gaming on a PC is the access to exclusivity. Although consoles have already become quite popular, there are still only so many games available for them. While gaming on PC, however, there is no need to worry about compatibility of hardware between all the consoles available, allowing games to be enjoyed in all of their glory.

Whereas exclusives are a rarity on consoles, they are quite common on PC. Many of the most visually pleasing and popular games are actually PC exclusive. With its powerful graphical capabilities, PC gaming can provide an upscaled gaming experience with additional features and added bonuses that no console can deliver.

Given that some high profile games are only available on PC, PCs offer a valuable platform for gaming. Many big-name titles, such as Grand Theft Auto, Fallout and the Civilization series, are just not available on consoles, making a PC the only path for gamers to enjoy them.

Aside from exclusive titles, PC gaming also provides plenty of experimental games not seen on any other platform. With PC gaming, more experimental indie titles and mods become available, allowing for a more personalized and unique gaming experience. With PC as the only platform for some unique titles, PC gaming truly gives a different gaming experience than any console.

More superior graphical performance

Gaming PCs also provide much more superior graphical performance compared to consoles. PCs have always been renowned for their powerful graphical display capabilities, and are often preferred by gamers for the ability to improve the visuals.

Having more powerful graphical capabilities and higher frame-rates allows for a clearer, more detailed and sharper image on the display. No console can compare to what a gaming PC can do when it comes to performance.

Moreover, PC gaming has more graphically customizable options than console gaming. With PCs, more options to tweak the graphical performance of games become available, such as turning off certain effects or changing certain settings. This allows for an even more customized gaming experience tailored to the satisfaction of the user.

Lastly, with the help of Virtual Reality and 4K displays, now PC gaming can offer gamers unparalleled visual experience. While Virtual Reality is becoming more and more mainstream, no console can offer the same degree of comfort and accuracy in a VR gaming experience as a PC.

Direct access to Steam

Another advantage of a gaming PC is the direct access to Steam. Steam is the world’s largest digital distribution platform and provides direct access to games, software, downloadable content and various network features.

Having access to such a large library of games further increases the value of gaming on a PC. The number of available titles is already so mind-boggling, it leaves no one wanting more from a gaming platform. With Steam, PC gamers have access to games both old and new, often times being offered at lower prices than that on any other platform.

Furthermore, Steam allows for easy customer support, notifying users on any updates that have been made to their Steam library. This eliminates potential headaches associated with playing video games, making Steam the preferred platform for PC gaming.

In addition to the games, Steam also offers community features such as user profiles, chat, community groups, and non-gaming software. These offer a great way to interact and communicate with other gamers, as well as access to many different tools related to gaming.

Past games can also be played on PC

And of course, past games that can no longer be played on consoles can also be enjoyed on PC. With emulation and game streaming, any game can be playable on a PC no matter how old, allowing someone the chance to stay connected to their old favorites.

PC gaming’s ability to access older video games allows for enjoyment of classic titles, satisfying much nostalgia. Combining with Steam’s library, one has access to thousands of gaming titles, both old and new, at their fingertips.

Furthermore, PC gaming can help preserve gaming history for future generations. By combining game streaming and streaming platforms such as Twitch and Youtube, gamers have the option to share their gaming experience, playing classic video games, preserving them online.

Cataloging these games and ensuring that they will be available for future generations to appreciate, pc gaming is the perfect platform to revive vintage games and keep them alive.

PC games are cheaper

Lastly, one of the most attractive traits of PC gaming is how much cheaper games tend to be. It should come as no surprise that digital downloads are cheaper than physical copies of games, but even compared to consoles, games tend to be much cheaper when purchasing through PC.

Inferior prices can often be attributed to various digital gaming-discounts and early access exclusive deals. Taking the Steam platform as an example, the PC version of a game almost always cost less than that of a console exclusive version. This makes PC gaming more cost-effective than console gaming.

Not only is the access to games cheaper, but there is also an added bonus of being able to download content for free if available. Much downloadable content and expansions are available online, some of which may be free, whilst the same content purchased on a console may cost the buyer.

By buying games for a PC rather than for a console, gamers and save hundreds of dollars in the long run. With better gaming options available for a fraction of the price, PC gaming proves to be the better value-for-money alternative.

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