Why Is A Gaming Keyboard Better

As avid gamers, we often wonder why a gaming keyboard is better than a regular keyboard. While regular keyboards may be perfectly suited for most tasks, there are a few advantages that a gaming keyboard has. And while they often cost a bit more than regular keyboards, they are well worth the money in certain situations.

The first advantage of a gaming keyboard is the macro keys. These are special keys that can be programmed to do more specific tasks. They always come in handy when playing games, as they can be programmed to do a host of different things depending on what game is being played. From casting spells to controlling drones, they can be used to perform many complex functions.

The second advantage of a gaming keyboard is the mechanical keys. Mechanical keys are very reliable and are designed to last for many years. Regular keyboard keys often wear out over time. As the keys are heavily used, they start to wear down and become unreliable. This is not the case with mechanical keys, as they are designed to last much longer.

Thirdly, gaming keyboards come with full RGB lighting control. This is especially useful in dimly lit rooms where the keys can be easily seen. Unlike regular keyboards, they can be set to glow in different colors and can be set to change colors depending on what is happening in the game. This can be used to get an advantage or just to set a good gaming mood.

Finally, a gaming keyboard usually comes with a variety of extra features. These include media keys, extra USB ports and a built-in wrist rest. These are all very convenient, as they can make gaming more comfortable and easier. This can be especially useful for long gaming sessions, as it helps make things more comfortable.


A gaming keyboard usually has much better durability than a regular keyboard. As they are used for gaming, they have to be able to take more wear and tear than regular keyboards. Furthermore, they often use mechanical keys which are much more reliable than regular keys. This ensures that gamers can game for years without having to worry about their keyboard eventually breaking down.

The durability of a gaming keyboard also extends to its physical construction. Most gaming keyboards are built with metal frames that provide much more stability than their plastic counterparts. As a result, they are much less likely to bend or break due to regular wear and tear.

Finally, gaming keyboards often have extra protective features like dust covers and water-resistant coatings. These help protect the keyboard from spills, dust and other contaminants that can damage regular keyboards. This is especially beneficial for people who are gaming in offline tournaments or other events where spilled drinks or dust are commonplace.

Tactile Feedback

A gaming keyboard also usually provides a much better tactile feedback than regular keyboards. This means that gamers can feel the real difference between a key that has been pressed and one that hasn’t. This can be especially important for games requiring quick reactions, as it can give gamers a reaction time advantage over their opponents.

The tactile feedback also provides gamers with more precise control over their inputs. As the feedback is more precise, gamers can make small corrections more accurately and can more easily predict how their input will feel. This can be especially useful for games that require instructions to perform certain actions with pinpoint accuracy.

Finally, the tactile feedback of a gaming keyboard can provide a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. As the feedback is more precise and immediate, gamers can sometimes feel a sense of satisfaction when they execute their commands accurately. This can serve as an additional motivation and can help improve their performance.


Another advantage of a gaming keyboard is that they are often much more comfortable to use than regular keyboards. This is because they often come with extra features such as adjustable wrist rests and ergonomic keycaps, which make them much more comfortable to use. This is especially beneficial for people who are gaming for long periods of time.

Furthermore, gaming keyboards often have more ergonomic designs than regular keyboards. This means that they are often shaped in a way that reduces strain on the user’s wrists and arms while they are gaming. This can be especially beneficial for people who suffer from chronic wrist pain.

Finally, gaming keyboards often come with soft-touch or textured keys. These are designed to be more gentle on the fingers than regular keys. As a result, gamers can enjoy a much more comfortable experience while they are gaming.

Programmable Keys

Another key feature of a gaming keyboard is that it usually comes with programmable keys. These are special keys that can be programmed to do specific tasks, depending on the game being played. This is especially useful for games that require the player to perform several different functions. For example, they can be programmed to cast spells, control drones or perform any other functions that the game requires.

Furthermore, this feature can be useful even outside of gaming. They can be programmed to quickly launch programs, open websites or execute complicated macro commands. This can make certain tasks a lot faster and easier than they would be with a regular keyboard.

Finally, some gaming keyboards come with hotkeys that can be used to quickly access certain functions. This comes in handy in certain situations where rapid access to certain keys can be necessary. For example, the hotkeys can be used to quickly switch weapons or to access certain functions in applications.


Another major advantage of a gaming keyboard is its customizability. Most gaming keyboards allow gamers to customize their experience to their liking. This includes being able to change the keys’ backlighting, the color of the LEDs, the keycaps and even the sound of the keys.

Furthermore, some gaming keyboards even come with swappable keycaps. These allow gamers to easily personalize their keys for a more comfortable experience. This can be especially useful for gamers who have a particular preference for certain keys.

Finally, many gaming keyboards come with custom software that allows gamers to create their own macros or customize their gaming profiles. This can be extremely useful for competitive gamers, as it can help them get that edge on the competition.

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