How To Turn Your Chromebook Into A Gaming Pc

For those who want to transform their Chromebook into a complete gaming PC, then there are several steps that one must take to complete this task. Firstly, the Chromebook needs to have the latest Chrome OS update installed, as it contains additional features that are necessary for gaming. Secondly, one must install a third-party Linux distribution such as Ubuntu or Linux Mint in order to run the games. Thirdly, Steam must be installed onto the Chromebook, as it provides an easy-to-use store for buying and downloading games. Fourthly, if one wishes to play graphically-demanding games then they need to ensure that their Chromebook is powerful enough to handle it. Fifthly, to increase the gaming performance, a gaming controller is recommended, as it provides a seamless gaming experience. Sixthly, PC optimized games can be installed on the Chromebook, which can be streamed from services such as Geforce Now or Steam Link. Finally, Chromebooks can be connected to an external display, allowing the user to further enjoy their gaming experience on bigger screens.

Making Enhancements

As well as the basics, extra modifications to make the gaming experience better can be employed. One of the best enhancements is to increase the RAM and internal storage of the Chromebook. This can be done by . Installing a RAM- or storage- increasing app onto the Chromebook is usually fast and easy. Additionally, if one wishes to run modern games then investing in something like an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 or AMD Radeon RX 570 graphics card is recommended, as it will greatly enhance the gaming performance. Another way to improve the gaming performance is to use a VPN service. This will allow the user to access different servers with faster speeds, which will result in less lag and better gaming quality.

Enabling Extensions and Web Apps

To further improve the gaming experience, extensions and web apps can be enabled. For example, enabling the Steam Launcher extension will enable the user to easily search, purchase and launch games from the Steam store. Meanwhile, web apps like those from Big Fish Games and Obey the Game can be used to play games that are optimized for Chrome OS. Since these web apps are cloud-based, it means the user does not need to store their games on their device, freeing up additional space for more games.

Optimizing Performance

Performance optimization is another important element to consider when turning a Chromebook into a gaming PC. When playing graphically-demanding games, it is advisable to reduce the number of active Chrome tabs as they can take up valuable resources. Additionally, Chromebooks need to be optimized for maximum performance. This can be done by reducing the amount of programs running in the background and disabling auto-updates. Furthermore, UI features such as animating wallpaper, automatic brightness adjustment and virtual keyboard can be turned off to further improve performance.

Check for Compatibility Issues

Before purchasing any games, it is important to check for compatibility. There are several websites that provide compatibility information for popular titles. Simply searching for “game name Chromebook” or navigating to the developer’s website is usually enough to check which games can be played on Chromebooks. Additionally, users must check for the minimum requirements for the games and make sure their Chromebook meets the requirements.

Invest in Accessories

Finally, accessories can be purchased to take the gaming experience to the next level. A gaming mouse and headset results in a more immersive experience and allows the user to communicate with other players. Additionally, external speakers are a great way to enjoy clear and powerful sound while playing. If one is interested in playing couch co-op then investing in a wireless controller is a great idea. Furthermore, there are plenty of laptop cooling system options that can be purchased to keep the Chromebook from overheating.

Save Money by Building Your Own PC

An alternative to purchasing a gaming PC is to build one by yourself. Building your own PC can require minimal effort but can still provide a powerful gaming experience. Additionally, it can be significantly cheaper compared to purchasing a pre-built gaming PC. Furthermore, there are many online tutorials and guides available for those who wish to build their own PC. Various components such as the CPU, GPU, memory and storage can be customized to meet one’s needs and preferences. Once the components are purchased, all you need to do is assemble them, install the software and get down to gaming.

Setup Parental Controls

Lastly, it is important to set up parental control when turning a Chromebook into a gaming PC. Allowing children to play games without any parental guidance is not recommended, as it can result in them spending too much time online. Most internet browsers have built-in parental control that can help monitor the activity of children. Furthermore, apps such as FamilyLink can help children stay safe online, as it provides additional protection for when children are gaming.

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